School Development Society

The school development society is one of an active part of the school system. If combines together parents, teachers and the school managment. Under a main goal in order to work towards the development of the school and its activities. The managment of the school development society is elected anually in the AGM by the teachers and parents, in order to support the school managment for maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure. Facilities which required to improve the standard of the school carriculam, co carricular activities and other social activities.

Here are some objectives of school development society

Providing facilities to implement the school carriculam
Maintaining and developing of school physical resources.
Implementing school based teacher development programs
Launching programs to strenthen the community relationships
Ensuring the safety and welfare of students and teachers

Office beareres

Chairperson Mr. D.R.J.P.Soorasena
Secretery Mr.H.A.D.Gamini Wijerathne
Treasurer Mrs. W.M.Malani Weerasinghe